The Unique Bed and Breakfast 


The history of the Château de Picomtal started 1,000 years ago. The building began as a simple watchtower, which was enlarged into a small fort, and then into a real forteress at the dawn of the Renaissance. At the beginning of the 18th century when there was no longer need for protection, Picomtal became a private residence. Today it is open to the public with our Bed & Breakfast style guestrooms, guided tours, concerts, cooking classes and dinner events, conferences, weddings... and more!

Though the years with little upkeep had taken their toll on the Château, when Sharon and Jacques first came to visit, they recognized the potential and began the renovation work in 1999. The architecture, history, environment and manageable size were all excellent reasons to start. After 4 years of labor, an exceptional Bed & Breakfast was born! Nine charming and tastefully decorated suites and guestrooms now reflect the golden light of the 19th century.

Château de Picomtal